Our Collaborations with Professionals and Colleagues

For investigators, the Center is a great place to conduct interdisciplinary research. What sets the Center apart from institutions at other Universities is that we work on a center based approach as opposed to a departmental system with relatively few MD researchers compared to PhDs.

Research collaborations developed by the Center have been numerous and fruitful. Some of our latest efforts include: the management of a cardiovascular epidemiology group in conjuction with epidemiology faculty, cardiologists, stroke neurologists, and interested graduate students and fellows.

Many paper proposals related to cardiovascular disease have eminated from this group effort utilizing the Women's Health Initiative and the New England Family Study: Fifty Year Post-Perinatal Follow-Up for Life Course (LEAP) study investigating the role of early life events on epigenetics, body composition, and carotid atherosclerosis.

Collaborations between CPCP and Center for Environmental Health regarding the WHI study, has resulted in successful R01 recently awarded related to risk of air pollution and onset of stroke.

A recent collaboration with investigators at Harvard School of Public Health lead to a recent Broad Agency Announcement proposal evaluating the role of microRNA, novel lipid fractions, and coronary heart disease.

We frequently collaborate with top universities like: Harvard, Northwestern, Tufts, University of California at San Fransisco, University of Washington, University of North Carolina, Tugaloo Colege, Jackson State University, University of California at San Diego, and the University of Rochester.

How to Get Involved

There are many ancillary study and sub-contracting opportunities for interested researchers. Please see our current research grants and this list of our major clinical studies before contacting one of our PIs.

Women's Health Initiative
Osteoarthritis Initiative
New England Family Study
Jackson Heart Study of which the CPCP is a Vanguard Center.
Pawtucket Heart Health Program