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The research conducted by the CPCP faculty and staff is broad. Our scope of research consists with its mission of focus on problems common in primary care. The center has received over $20 million in its lifetime through funded research and contracts from the National Institutes of Health, Deportment of Health and Human Services, and Agency for Health Policy and Research. We currently have 46 active projects in the field that toal an estimated $4.8 million.

Inerdisciplinary research is promoted by offering an array of support services to faculty and investigators, ranging from research assistance to underwriting key central support needs and the funding of pilot studies.

The Center has been involved in two large multi-center studies, the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) of which our site is a Vanguard Center and the Osteoarthritis Initative. Research themes include cardiovascular disease prevention, cancer prevention, health disparities, reproductive health, depression and anxiety, complementary and alternative medicine, osteoarthritis, physical activity, weight control, behavioral informatics, and smoking cessation.

We frequently colloborate with investigators, who are leaders in their field, at Harvard, Northwestern, Tufts, University of California at San Fransisco, University of Washington, University of North Carolina, Tugaloo Colege, Jackson State University, University of California at San Diego, and the University of Rochester.

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