Opportunities for Undergraduates

If you'd like to take an up close and personal look at research in a clinical setting, the Center for Primary Care can offer you an comprehensive experience.

Many students spend the summer getting a firsthand look at the work that goes into research. From grant writing to working with participants, those who choose to spend their summer at the CPCP will benefit from all-around exposure and guidance from some of the well known faculty and principal investigators in the area.

Students have previously worked on the data quality and integrity of multiple studies. Others have shadowed professionals to get a better understanding of how much work and detail is involved in a day. Some unique projects have included video production and iPad application development in addition to the research exposure students receive. Students have been involved in the development of instruments and research materials, statistical analyses, and face-to-face interaction with patients. The CPCP hopes that we will be able to provide students with more exposure to help them make decisions about what they would like to pursue as a career.

Faculty Interested in undergraduate research volunteers
Charles Eaton, MD, MS
Donna Parker, ScD
Roberta Goldman, PhD
Jeffrey Borkan, MD, PhD
Jennifer Clarke, MD, MPH through the Center for Prisoner Health and Human RIghts

Please contact CPCP@MHRI.org for possible opportunities.