Opportunities for Post-Graduate Students

The CPCP believes that the education of future researchers is an important and pivotal role for every institution. There are opportunities for every level of student or post-graduate.

Masters Students
The CPCP has been instrumental in the guidance and education of students seeking masters of public health and masters of epidemiology. Students looking for an independent study in the Public Health and Policy department, please see course PHP2980: Graduate Independent Study and Thesis Research.

Faculty members interested in mentoring Masters Students:
Charles Eaton, MD, MS
Joe Diaz, MD, MPH
Jennifer Clarke, MD, MPH

Pre-Doctoral Students
The CPCP offers research assistanceship on an individual basis for students pursuing their PhD in epidemiology (cardiogasvular disease, genetic and molecular epi preferred) once candidates have passed their comprehensive exams. Students with an interest in primary care or patient centered medical homes research are also encouraged to contact us. Please contact Lisa_Billington@MHRI.org for more information.

The center also provides opportunities for integrated primary care and psychology internships for those pursuing clinical psychology.

Clinical-Research focused 12 month experience: Integrated Primary Care
This rotation provides a 12 month-long clinical research focused training in the specialty area of integrated primary care, 50% in mood and anxiety disorders-related clinical research activities in primary care, 40% outpatient integrated care work in a patient centered medical home, and 10% didactics. In the last four months of training, time is spent as follows: 60% mood and anxiety disorders-related clinical research activities in primary care and 40% out of track experience. If you are interested, please contact Justin_Nash@MHRI.org and refer to this website for more information: Psychiatry & Human Behavior Training

Post-Doctoral Fellowships
CPCP faculty are involved in the education of post-doctoral fellows through investigator initiated fellowships and three T32 training programs.

Investigator Funded Fellowships
Clinical Psychology Training Consortium: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Integrated Primary Care Psychology
The postdoctoral fellowship position in integrated primary care psychology will be based in the Department of Family Medicine at Memorial Hospital. To apply, please contact Lisa Uebelacker, PhD or Risa Weisberg, PhD and see this link for more information.

T32 Programs
NHLBI funded Training in Behavioral and Preventative Medicine - mentor: Charles Eaton, MD, MS
The primary goal of the T32 Training Program is to train postdoctoral fellows to conduct research related to changing behavior to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The Brown University Centers for Behavioral and Preventative Medicine (CBPM) provides a wealth of research training experiences to address the most prominent lifestyle risk factors for CVD: cigarette smoking, adverse diet, obesity and physical inactivity. This fellowship is particularly relevant for physicians, nurses, epidemologists, exercise physiolgists, and nutritionists. To find out more, please visit the Psychiatry and Human Behavior website.

The Brown CardioPulmonary Training Grant - mentor: Charles Eaton, MD, MS
The Brown CardioPulmonary Training Program has as its overall objective: the training of physicians and scientists who will become independent investigators in the molecular basis and pathobiology of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases and/or the outcomes of prevention and treatment of these diseases. This will be accomplished by a rigourous program of didactic training, mentored research experience in a collaborative, interdisciplinary setting, and career development training. To find out more, please visit the Brown Medicine website

AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) funded Gerontology - mentor: Charles Eaton, MD, MS
The Brown University post- and pre-doctoral training program has specialized in training investigators committed to research in the area of aging and chronic disease management for over 20 years in an interdisciplinary environment providing both didactic and experiential learning. Our research portfolio spans multiple settings (VA-REAP, affiliated academic hospitals, teaching nursing homes and ambulatory clinics) and a variety of topics like Improving Long Term Care in America and Improving patient safety and quality particularly in geriatric patient-centered care including appropriate medication management and health information technology. This fellowship is particularly relevant for physicians, pharmacists, and health services researchers interested in cardiovascular disease. To find out more, please visit AHRQ website. To apply, contact mentor Charles Eaton.