Charles Eaton, MD, MS

Director of the Center for Primary Care and Prevention, Professor of Family Medicine and Epidemiology

Charles Eaton, M.D., M.S. is a Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Epidemiology at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University. He also directs the Center for Primary Care and Prevention of Brown University at Memorial Hospital of RI. Dr. Eaton has been continuously funded for the past 20 years as a principal investigator on a variety of epidemiologic, translation research and clinical trials related to the treatment and prevention of chronic disease and quality improvement in primary care practice. He has published over 160 peer reviewed articles related to these topics. He is presently principal investigator of the NHLBI funded Women's Health Initiative, NIAMS funded Osteoarthritis Initiative, NIA funded New England Family Study-Fifty Year Post-Perinatal Follow-up for Life Course, NIDDK funded Tailored Lifestyle Intervention in Obese Adults within Primary Care Practice, and the AHRQ funded eHealth BP Control program and co-PI on NHLBI funded Translating COPD Guidelines in Primary Care Practice. Besides maintaining an active research portfolio, Dr. Eaton remains active clinically directing a Heart Disease Prevention Center at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, teaching a preventative cardiology nutrition elective in Family Medicine and providing mentoring supervision for MPH and PhD in epi students, post doctoral fellows in cardiovascular outcomes and epidemiological research, as well as supervising several junior faculty on career development awards.

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Selected Publications

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