Open gastrostomy


Laparoscopic gastrostomy

G-tube care

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Open Gastrostomy:

This procedure requires a general anesthetic. A small midline incision is made and the stomach is exposed. A site is chosen on the anterior surface, towards lesser curvature and at level of the incisura for placement of two concentric pursestring sutures.

The Malekot catheter is passed through a small incision on the abdominal wall and into the stomach via an opening made in the middle of the pursestring sutures. These are sequentially tied (inner first) to imbricate the tube in a short tunnel of gastric wall. Additional sutures are placed in 4 quadrants around the tube on the stomach and at corresponding positions on the inside of the abdominal wall so that the stomach gets "parachuted" up against the abdominal wall and the tube is no longer visible from the inside of the abdomen. The tube is then secured with a suture on the outside.


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