Hooded sweatshirt with PLME insignia

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Every year, the PLME Senate orders and organizes the sale of hooded sweatshirts, T-shirts, sweatpants, totebags, decals, and more! You can get these items in virtually any color you want, all while sporting PLME insignia to showcase your (or your lucky recipient's) future for the next few years. Proceeds from sales go to supporting the PLME Senate and PLME Senate members with community service events, 'coffee breaks' between PLME undergraduate and medical school students, and much more. Place your order today!

To place an order: use the form below to get in touch with us, specifying the quantities, sizes, and colors of the products you would like to order. At the current time, we offer T-shirts ($16), sweatshirts ($28), sweatpants ($22), decals ($5), and totebags ($30). The T-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants each come in several colors — all products come with the PLME logo printed in brown as shown in the sample photos.

T-Shirt with PLME insignia

We'll email you back shortly thereafter with a personalized order form which can then be returned to us with your payment via mail. If all items requested are in stock, your order should be shipped within a few weeks of your initial request. Note, however, that our supplier only accepts order at three times per year: October, February, and April. If you order during other months, we'll place your order manually and make sure they get delivered as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting our program!

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