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We adhere to the principle that a surgical resident must be treated with dignity and respect. It is our belief that learning, even under great stress, is accomplished best when there is an atmosphere of collegiality and benevolence. Old children's wing (Potter building, right), old Rhode Island Hospital (center) and Ambulatory Patient Center (left)We also believe that time away from the hospital is therapeutic and in the resident's best interest, both professionally and personally. The "Ocean State" is in a wonderful cultural and geographic region in that regard. The call schedule for the pediatric surgical resident is labor-intensive, but not overwhelming. The Pediatric Surgical Resident is on second call every third night with an intern, rotating with PGY 4 residents and midlevel practitioners. He/she is not required to directly supervise the senior general surgery resident on call. However, the pediatric surgery resident is expected to be available for index/neonatal cases and critical care continuity for surgery in the PICU when not on vacation (provided 28 days/year). During the one-month rotation in pediatric urology, the one-month rotation in Neonatology and the one-month rotation in the pediatric intensive care unit during the first year, the pediatric surgical resident is on call for general pediatric surgical evaluations after 6:00 PM. It is not mandatory that the pediatric surgical resident remain within the hospital when on-call, but it is stressed that the pediatric surgical resident must be within a ten-mile radius at all times. When the pediatric surgical resident is on vacation or when it is necessary for him/her to be out of town on other occasions, appropriate arrangements are made with the general surgical senior resident for coverage. The Fleet skating rink in downtown ProvidenceThe pediatric surgical resident spends 60 to 70 hours per week at the hospital, depending on the circumstances for a given week. The resident living quarters and dining facilities are all superlative at the Hasbro Children's Hospital.

The moment the pediatric surgical resident begins training at Brown, the faculty becomes available for any type of professional, personal or emotional support needed at any time during the Residency. Professional psychiatric and social work help is available when it is perceived or indicated by the residents of faculty. Confidentiality is strictly maintained. Our investment in the resident is both professional and personal.






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