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 4. CONTINUITY OF CARE  Entrance of Hasbro Children's Hospital

Continuity of care is assured by having direct pediatric surgical resident involvement in the initial assessment and decision-making process for both elective and emergency admissions. The pediatric surgery resident performs the history and physical examinations on inpatients, participates in that patient's operative procedure and post-operative follow-up. The importance of documenting an understanding of the patient's condition and indication for surgery is stressed to the resident, who is required to evaluate and to write a pre-operative note prior to participating in any given operation. The pediatric surgical resident subsequently dictates the operative findings and writes orders for post- operative treatment given by the pediatric surgical service. If the resident claims credit as the primary operating surgeon for that operation, it requires an operative note. At the time of discharge from the hospital, the resident formulates follow-up plans, including discharge instructions, and assessment of need for a visiting nurse or home therapy. A current understanding of home care and discharge planning is increasingly an element of our residency educational program. To that end we have a masters level, advanced practice nurse, and three Certified mid-level practitioners who help provide care to children in in- and outpatient settings (including critical care units).

The pediatric surgical office is on the 1st floor of the Medical Office Center (suite 190). This building is physically connected to Hasbro Children's Hospital and Women and Infants Hospital. There is a well-appointed and well-equipped office that is used by the pediatric resident and faculty. Schedules for the operating room, clinics, and office visits are made by the Chief of the Division of Pediatric Surgery. The chief pediatric surgical resident and faculty oversee all scheduling. The pediatric surgical resident sees all scheduled patients, consults and post-operative visits during dedicated office hours. All index cases as a Chief Resident are seen at that time with the supervision of the faculty as described. Pediatric Urology cases are followed with that service.

The surgical faculty is always available for all clinic and outpatient activities. Decisions made regarding major surgery are discussed at length and reviewed in detail after the resident has fully formulated an original plan, which is analyzed and reviewed with the faculty. In addition a group preoperative conference is held after Morbidity and Mortality conference.






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