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Pediatric Surgery @ Brown

Brown Program in Fetal Medicine

 Blunt duodenal trauma (lap-belt injury); note free air in retroperitoneum (arrow)

CT scan of blunt pancreatic injury with fracture @ neck/body (arrow) and pseudocyst (asterisk)

Complete fracture of the body of the pancreas (arrow) with exposure of the superior mesenteric vessels (blunt abdominal trauma)

Duodenal wall hematoma ("stack of coins" on contrast study)

Large liver hematoma after blunt trauma

Small liver laceration (arrow)

Cystogram of bladder neck rupture (arrowheads: contrast extravasation) after pelvic fracture; note pelvic hematoma, pushing the bladder toward the midline (arrows)

Urethral rupture (arrow: extravasation of contrast) secondary to pelvic (pubic) fracture (retrograde cysto-urethrogram)

Right hemoscrotum in splenic laceration: tracking of peritoneal blood through a patent processus vaginalis

Cullen sign: peri-umbilical hematoma in retroperitoneal injury (here: pancreatic injury)

Chance/compression fracture of lumbar vertebra (arrow)

Small bowel and mesenteric rupture after blunt abdominal trauma (lap belt injury)

C6-C7 Fracture/dislocation
Healing posterior rib fracture (arrow) in a case of child abuse Fracture of the anterior arch of C2 (axis); CT view Traumatic occlusion of left renal artery (arrow); note devascularized left kidney (*) and compare with normal contrast uptake in right kidney

Second degree burn injury (scald) to fingers

Third degree burn injury (white areas)

Circum-oral electrical burn (from biting on an electrical cord)

Tongue laceration

Foreign body in esophagus - plastic battleship
Foreign body in esophagus: metal dog token from a Monopoly (R) game Foreign body in esophagus:horse-shaped charm