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 Splenomegaly in Hereditary Spherocytosis (laparoscopic view)

 Splenomegaly in Hereditary Spherocytosis (laparoscopic view)

Splenomegaly (laparoscopic view)

 Laparoscopic view of spleen and stomach

 Laparoscopic splenectomy: dissecting the lower pole with harmonic scalpel

Laparoscopic splenectomy: dissector behind splenic vein (splenic artery lies, obliquely, behind the tip of the dissector)

Splenic artery (laparoscopic view)

Laparoscopic splenectomy: division of short gastric vessels (arrow) with harmonic scalpel during laparoscopic splencectomy

Accessory spleen

Accessory spleen in omentum (laparoscopic view)

Large accessory spleen (arrow) in omentum in a child with thalassemia and splenomegaly

Accessory spleen in omentum

CT scan of large splenic cyst

Subcapsular splenic cyst

Spleen in endoscopic pouch (laparoscopic view)
Cinching the endoscopic pouch (laparoscopic splenectomy)

Splenic lymphangioma (arrow) - CT image
Splenic lymphangioma (arrow) - MRI image (T2-weighed)

Polysplenia (associated with biliary atresia in this patient)