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Pediatric Surgery @ Brown

Brown Program in Fetal Medicine

Pneumatosis intestinalis (arrows). Note coalesced gas bubbles, typical linear appearance of subserosal pneumatosis 

 free peritoneal air on decubitus. Note darker shadow over right side of liver, sharply demarcated by falciform ligament)

free air on lateral decubitus. Note crescent ofair over liver (arrow)
free air on lateral decubitus  

abdominal wall erythema

ileostomy (left quadrant) and mucous fistula, within incisional wound
post-NEC stricture  necrotic colon  

resection of ileum, cecum and appendix, andascending colon

Necrotizing enterocolitis and perforation. Note free air over liver (arrow), portal venous gas (arrowheads) and extensive pneumatosis (open arrows), involving small and large bowel. * indicates "target sign" of pneumatosis of the splenic flexure of the colon