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Pediatric Surgery @ Brown

Brown Program in Fetal Medicine

Barium enema in Hirschsprung's disease. Note small distended sigmoid and small caliber rectum (arrows) 

 Corkscrew sign in midgut volvulus

Total ileal duplication

 Intussusception: air reduction "enema" (arrow: partially reduced intussusceptum)

Fabric bezoar causing small bowel obstruction

Fabric bezoar causing small bowel obstruction

small bowel and mesenteric rupture after lap-belt blunt abdominal injury

"Covered" anus (low imperforate anus)

Visceral heterotaxia in a child with complex cardiac anomalies, interrupted IVC and polysplenia. Note normal position of the heart, but mirror image position of viscera: contrast in stomach, in right upper quadrant; liver in left upper quadrant. This child has normal intestinal rotation (i.e., normal duodenal C-loop and ligament of Treitz to the right of the spine and at the level of the pylorus)