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Pediatric Surgery @ Brown

Brown Program in Fetal Medicine

Abdominal radiograph: duodenal atresia (note dilated duodenal bubble and large, but decompressed stomach - arrows on nasogastric tube)

"Double bubble" on plain radiograph of a newborn with an incompete duodenal obstruction (duodenal web) 

Contrast study of newborn with duodenal web (incomplete obstruction)
Duodenal atresia (arrow: dilated proximal duodenum)  

 Duodenal web: duodenotomy view (arrow: ridge of web, close to ampula of Vater)

Duodenal atresia (arrow) in a newborn with malrotation (cecum lies to the left of the duodenum)

Duodenal tapering procedure

Duodenal tapering procedure (anvil of stapling device behind duodenum)
Duodenal tapering procedure

Blunt duodenal injury (note free air in retroperitoneum, arrow); CT view

Duodenal wall hematoma ("stack of coins" on contrast study)