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Chest radiograph of large CCAM in a newborn
Large bronchogenic cyst (arrows)  (AP view on CT scan's scout film) Large bronchogenic cyst (arrows) (lateral chest radiograph)

Large bronchogenic cyst in a 2-month-old (thoracoscopic view)
bronchogenic cyst in left posterior chest cavity (retropleural); thoracoscopic view Dissection of the posterior mediastinum (thoracoscopic view) Dissected bronchogenic cyst in a 1-year-old (thoracoscopic view)

intrapulmonary CCAM

Extralobar sequestration (arrows: aberrant vessels); thoracoscopic view
extralobar sequestration - thoracoscopic view. Clamp on aberrant feeding vessels

s/p pneumonia in RLL CCAM (5-year-old)

air-fluid level in large LLL CCAM

Infected CCAM LLL (5-year-old)

Infected LLL CCAM (5-year-old)

LLL pneumonia with underlying CCAM (5-year-old)

MRI of Congenital Lobar Emphysema in a 30-week gestation fetus. Arrow: overly distended right middle lobe; * heart, pushed to the extreme left of the thoracic cavity

MRI of Congenital Lobar Emphysema in a  30-week gestation fetus. The entire right thoracic cavity is filled with an overdistended right middle lobe. Aroow: hilar pulmonary vessels, confirming preserved vascular anatomy to the right middle lobe

Intrapoerative view of Congenital Lobar Emphysema - note the overly distended right middle lobe