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 Choledochal cyst (percutaneous cholangiogram)

 Choledochal cyst involving common and cystic ducts (blue loop around cystic duct, red loo around proximal common hepatic duct)

 Choledochal cyst specimen

choledochal cyst (arrow: gallbladder)

(Percutaneous) cholecystography for biliary atresia (showing absent intrahepatic ducts but patent distal bile ducts (arrow) and emptying of contrast in duodenum

Laparoscopic cholangiogram through small gallbladder (arrow oncatheter) for biliary atresia

Small gallbladder and typical liver appearance in biliary atresia (laparoscopic view)

Polysplenia in a child with biliary atresia

Ductular proliferation in biliary atresia

150 micron diameter bile ductule at hilar plate in biliary atresia

Bridging fibrosis in the liver in biliary atresia
Kasai portoenterostomy (arrow: jejunal loop sutured over the hilar plate)  

Intraoperative cholangiogram during laparoscopic cholecystectomy; note dilated common bile duct, due to an obstructing stone (arrow) at the ampulla