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 Gastroschisis in a full-term infant; minimal to no "peel"

intestinal "peel" in a ruptured omphalocele

Hernia of the umbilical cord

Cloacal exstrophy (Omph: omphalocele, Bl: two hemi-bladders, flanking cecum with proximal (ileal) opening (*) and distal (colonic) opening (**). Arrows: 2 hemivaginas.

Fetal ultrasound of abdominal wall defect

Distended intestinal loops in gastroschisis (prenatal ultrasound)

Gastroschisis: prenatal ultrasound showing free-floating intestinal loops

Gastroschisis and extreme (lethal) scoliosis

Macroglossia in Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome

Infant with Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome. Note typical pre-auricular pit (arrow) and creases in the external ear (arrowheads)


omphalocele (note umbilical cord insertion on the sac)

Gastroschisis - Scaphoid abdomen

Gastroschisis: Sterile intestinal bag to keep baby and exposed bowel loops warm and moist during transport

Umbilical scar after repair of gastroschisis

Umbilical scar after repair of omphalocele

Repair of gastroschisis