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The maintenance fluid requirements of older children are also based on ml/kg/day.

 1-10 kg

11-20 kg 1000 ml + 50 ml/kg above 10 kg/d
 21-30 kg 1500 ml + 20 ml/kg above 20 kg/d
 > 30 kg  1700 ml + 10 ml/kg above 30 kg/d

another way to remember this:

first 10kg: 100ml/kg/d = 4ml/kg/hr

next 10kg: 2ml/kg/hr in addition to the rate for the first 10kg (40ml/hr)

next 10kg:1ml/kg/hr in addition to the rate for the first 20kg (60ml/hr)

Electrolyte requirements are essentially the same:

Sodium 3 mEq/kg/day

Potassium 2 mEq/kg/day

Based on these electrolyte requirements and the fluid volume constraints, the appropriate maintenance for children


<10kg : D5/0.25NS + 10mEq KCl/L

>10kg: D5/0.45NS + 20mEqKCl/L

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