Faculty Leadership Positions

Our faculty hold leadership roles in virtually every professional organization and major journal within the field of obstetrics and gynecology, and win national teaching and leadership awards, as shown below.

CREOG and APGO Award Winners

1995 Joseph DeMartino, MD Tawfik Hawwa, MD
1996 Frank Pensa, MD Gary Frishman, MD
1997 Nabil Khoury, MD Jeffrey Peipert, MD
1998 Wayne Clairborne, MD Patrick Sweeney, MD
1999 Lori Boardman, MD O. Cornelius Granai, MD
2000 Reza Shah Hosseini, MD Jeffrey Peipert, MD
2001 Gary Frishman, MD Jennifer Kacmar, MD
2002 Maureen Phipps, MD Stephen Carr, MD
2003 Walter Gajewski, MD Gary Frishman, MD
2004 Donna LaFontaine, MD Stephen Carr, MD
2005 Lori Boardman, MD Maureen Phipps, MD
2006 Stephen Carr, MD Charles Rardin, MD
2007 Donna LaFontaine, MD Vivian Sung, MD
2008 Bala Bhagavath, MD Star Hampton, MD
2009 Kristen Matteson, MD Trevor Tejada-Berges, MD
2010 Donald Coustan, MD Christina Bandera, MD
2011 Terrence Cahill, MD Barbara O'Brien, MD
2012 Brittany Star Hampton, MD Roxanne Vrees, MD