Physician Licensing Requirements

Rhode Island

Physicians must renew their applications every two years beginning July 1, 2004. After July 1, 2004, 40 hours of Category 1/AOA category 1 will be required for the 2006 renewal and every two years following. These hours are to include a minimum of two (2) hours related to current information on any one or more of the following topics: universal precautions, infection control, modes of transmission, bioterrorism, OSHA, ethics, end-of-life education, palliative care, pain management, and other regulatory requirements.
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One hundred hours of CME credits are required within each renewal period. A minimum of 40 hours must be completed in Category 1 study and no more than 60 hours of Category 2 credit.
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Effective October 1, 2005, licensed physicians/surgeons are required to participate in continuing medical education (CME) activities pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes. A licensed physician shall earn a minimum of fifty contact hours of qualifying continuing medical education every two years commencing on the first date of license renewal on and after October 1, 2007. One contact hour means a minimum of fifty minutes of continuing education activity.
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