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Brown University Brown University Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Overview of Psychiatry Training in the DPHB


The DPHB educational structure provides Brown medical students with educational opportunities in Psychiatry, three residencies, two fellowships, a psychology internship program, and seven postdoctoral training programs. The Child Psychiatry training programs include one of the six original Triple Board programs. The DPHB also administers seven NIH-sponsored Research Fellowship programs. Together, the two programs provide a fertile ground for future research leaders in our department and other departments in the country. The General Psychiatry Residency attracts a talented cadre of medical students in a highly competitive market. The General Psychiatry Residency also serves as an essential element of the Triple Board Residency, as well as the Geriatric Psychiatry Residency, and the combined Neurology-Psychiatry Residency. These programs continue to flourish, in large part due to the unwavering support, excellent resources and opportunities available through the DPHB’s network of affiliated hospitals.

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